Table Centerpiece Idea #1 Citrus Vase and Flower Combo

A visually pleasing centerpiece can be as simple a combination of citrus fruits, a clear glass vase and flowers. It is simple to achieve a stunning look. You have the option of using slices of the citrus fruits for your wedding centerpiece or whole citrus fruits as shown in the photo.

Method 1: Sliced Citrus Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

Step One: Cut up slices of citrus fruits. Lemons and orange work well.
Step Two: Place the slices inside the vase. Try to arrange the fruits so that the slices are facing outwards.
Step Three: Place some flowers into the vase fill with water and voila your centerpieces are ready.

Method 2. Whole Citrus Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

Step One: Use a selection of limes and lemons to fill a vase as shown in the photo on right. Experiment with different positions, such as using a yellow base of lemons.

Step Two: Place and arrange flowers into the vase.

step Three: Just add water.


Get creative with your centerpieces without skimping

Wedding centerpieces are very important as it is the focal point in setting the right mood for the occasion. Choosing the right centerpiece to co-ordinate with the rest of the wedding decor may seem expensive. This need not be the case, as with a bit of creativity and right materials you can have elegant centerpieces without spending too much money.

1. The types of centerpieces you choose must harmonize well with the other wedding decor arrangements. The best types are still floral, candles or edible flower bouquets although you can have some unique, creative pieces on your tables. Your centerpieces must be based on the size of your tables.

2. One unique and cost effective centerpiece idea is to have your bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets double up as centerpieces for some food tables. The mini bouquets of the female family members can also be used to enhance the reception table. Vases should be placed ahead of time in such a situation.

3. You can have your church ceremony flowers transported back to the reception area for re-using the arrangements in the reception.

4. Another idea could be to arrange your favors on the guests’ tables along with candles.

5. Candy buffet designed for guests is another popular trend. The candles are wrapped in small organza bags and stored inside the glass candy buffet jars. You can actually arrange these strategically on your guests’ tables as centerpieces. These edible favors can really do a good job of centerpieces as well as being sweet.

6. You can float candles and flowers in large bowls with some beads and fish gravel at the bottom. You could also arrange lots of colored candles in jars, photo frames of the bride and groom and mini favor boxes as centerpieces.

7. Try using uniform colored orchids placed in vases as centerpieces. These can be used on their own without other flowers and they spell chic and elegance all the way. Besides, orchids bloom for longer duration so this is good investment even after the reception is long over.

8. Arrange different sizes of pillar candles to create a rich and romantic feel. These can be scented or unscented but ensure that the burn time is sufficient through the reception. You can even have fruits, flowers and green plants arranged around these candles for a warmer look.

9. You can rent or buy topiaries which are generally meant for placing on the ground but you can find smaller ones for centerpieces. Have these wrapped around with white tulle and fastened with a bow, and create an ethereal centerpiece with some candles arranged near them.

Once you have assembled and created your centerpieces which are unique, creative and unforgettable, you can rest assured that your guests’ will get into the right mood of the setting. Take care that your centerpieces do not block out the view or inconvenience the guests. Ensure that they will still be able to hold conversations across the tables without being blocked out.

Daily Wedding Blog : Avoid renting ‘Wedding’ chairs

Here at DWB we are always trying to help our readers find ways to trim the cost of weddings. One way which we believe that could help you save some money is by trying to source chairs for your wedding outside the usual wedding rental outlets.

Have you considered asking your local university or high-school if they can hire out their chairs? They generally have a fair amount of chairs for special occasions such as graduations and are happy to rent them out, as this means extra revenue for the school.   These chairs can be perfect for park and other outdoor ceremonies. Also check out your local community halls as they usually keep back-up chairs for their functions.

If you are planning on hiring seat covers for the chairs, don’t be to worried if some of the seats have a few scratches, in reality the seats that are a little more worn out will be cheaper and if you are planning on using seat covers anyway, the scratched will be hardly visible,  if at all.

Find Your Wedding Supplies at Home

Do you have any wedding supplies at home?

Just because you are planning a wedding, it doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy everything. Take a good and hard look around your house and see what you can use. Do you have a nice lace tablecloth that can be used for the guest book table? A great bouquet of silk flowers that can be used to dress  up the venue? Expand your search wider to family and friends and see what you can borrow from them. You may end up saving a fair bit of money with just some careful pre-planning.

Spruce Up Those Wedding Guest Books

Wedding guest books are a great memento and heirloom for future generations, why not make yours more personalised. It may take a bit of time, but sit down with your partner and write down a quote or a funny memory on how you met or even a message of thanks to your guests on the top of each page.

Dress Up The Wedding Guest Book Table


Don’t forget presentation.

Don’t just slap your wedding guest book down on a table and let that be it. Be creative in the presentation of it. It’s needn’t be anything expensive, even a small side table or outside table dressed up with a lace tablecloth can be a nice touch. Placing some pictures of the wedding couple, from the present and when they were kids on the table can be a really good effect. You may like to add some rose petals or decorative wedding ornaments on the table too.

A Picture Frame Can Double as a Wedding Favour and Place Card

Place card holders can go beyond just telling your guests where to sit. Make your place card holders more memorable by turning them into wedding favours. One great way of doing this, is to slip the sheet of cardboard with your guest’s name into a picture frame that doubles as a wedding favour. Your guests will love this and you will save money and time.

Compromising Can Save You Money

When planning a wedding, you are more than likely going to be faced with decisions brought upon by financial restrictions. There might be something that you really want to have at your wedding that you simply cannot afford. Before cutting it out from your wedding all together, consider whether there is a way to compromise with yourself to still have what you want at a reduced price.

At a wedding I attended years back, the bride had chosen to decorate every third chair at the reception with seat covers. These seat covers were beautiful, with a floral bouquet entwined with this gorgeous gold ribbon, it was simply stunning. Had every chair been decorated, it might have been an overwhelming feature of the reception décor, so I was under the impression, decorating every third chair was an aesthetic choice.

It wasn’t until months later that I had learnt that the reason only every third chair was decorated (the other chairs were covered with a simple white cover) was due to financial restrictions, not aesthetics. This bride had her heart set on this particular wedding seat cover and wasn’t willing to compromise. Her then-fiancé suggested that she compromise and just get the elaborate covers for every third chair.

At the end of the day when planning a wedding you need to have a balancing act of achieving the look that you want whilst compromising with any financial restrictions that may be placed upon you. There is always more than one way to achieve a certain look, you just have to know where to look.

A new take on the wedding menu

Gosh I just love this idea!  Posted a while back on the Martha Stewart website, it’s a different take on the regular standard shaped menus.  Once you have finalised your reception’s menu, have your menu’s professionally printed into a circular shape to fit the indent of the dinner plates. You must choose the plates and table decor before printing the menus and take a sample of one of the plates to the printers so that they can get precise measurements.   Ideally, it is more visually appealing if the menu’s colour design matching the tables colour palette. Gosh it’s just so beautiful!


50 Great Wedding Centerpieces

Here at Daily Wedding Blog, we love table decor, after all it can turn a bland table setting into a warm and inviting space. So we were excited when we stumbled upon these photographs of 50 Great Wedding Centrepieces on the Martha Stewart website. Check it out for some inspiration!