Serenade Your Partner on your Wedding

Yes it sounds corny and you may even get a tad embarrassed, but why not sing a wedding duet or sing a romantic song to your partner. It’s free wedding entertainment! Choose a song that has special meaning for the both of you, maybe you heard it on your first date or the first time you kissed. If you don’t have a special song, choose one that is catchy and well known. This will be well received by your guests.


Finding Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

Music schools can be a great resource for wedding musicians.

Finding entertainment for your wedding can be tricky if you are on a budget, but if you look outside the usual sources, you can find some hidden gems. Do you live near a music school? If so find out when they hold their yearly or end of term recital and attend this. Keep note of who you are interested in, and either speak to the manager of the school on the night or the morning after.

Try to resist the temptation to ask the student on the night itself, as they will probably be buzzing from the performance and may agree without thinking it through properly. You may think this is a good thing, but you want to make sure that you have someone who is 100% committed and didn’t just agree because there on adrenalin and want to look good amongst their peers.  Your best bet is to liaise with the student via their teacher

The iPod Wedding DJ

You can organise you reception soundtrack using your iPod for free! Just create a playlist for different parts of the reception, the bride and groom entrance, first dance, general dancing, meals being served, newlyweds leaving, and have someone cued to change to the different playlists.

Bring a wall charger for your iPod, so that you can use it connected to a power point in case it runs flat.

Are you getting the band that you paid for?

If you see a good band perform at your friend’s wedding and would like to book them, get it in writing that the musicians that you actually saw perform, will be the actual musicians present at your wedding. What can often happen if that whilst the lead vocalists will remain the same, the backing musicians can vary from one wedding to the next depending on availability and prior commitments.
Depending on the level of rehearsals and how well this different ensembles gel together, you may end up with a different sound than what you originally heard.

Sourcing The Band

Begin to start planning your wedding entertainment months in advance. If you are planning on having a band, you will need to have time to listen to audition tapes and decide which is best suited for your wedding. A great way to begin sourcing bands is to visit band completions, amateur nights, and local cafes or function where local musicians/bands might perform.
By opting for musician’s that don’t have the ‘wedding performer’ tag on them, you may end up saving a fair amount!

Do I Have to Feed The Band?

This is one of the questions that many couples planning a wedding are unsure about. Should you feed the band? Well firstly you must remember that a fed band is a happy band. Their energy levels will be up and you will basically get a better performance if they don’t have to deal with rumbling stomachs. You do not need to order the official wedding meal as if you have a band, photographer and videographer to feed that could end up costing hundreds of dollars just for their meals. However, you could ask the caterer if they could prepare some food for the vendors. Perhaps they could cater to the vendors after the guests have eaten, as there will likely be leftover food anyway that would just go to waste. This is especially true for buffet style catering as there is generally always more food ordered than will actually be consumed by guests.

Are you keen on getting a live band perform at your wedding, but worried that it will eat up your budget?

Many couples would love to have a band play at their wedding but are worried about the fee. One way to compromise is to reduce the amount of hours that you need the band to play. You could have pre-recorded music as filler in between the main wedding entertainment.

Not all bands will agree to this as some of them have package deals that have set hours, but if your wedding is taking place in a quiet business period for them, they may be flexible and allow you to renegotiate the cost for playing less hours.

Wedding Video Messages

It is the personal touches that make a wedding special. An emerging idea at some wedding is for a video message to be presented during the receptions. The video will be a compilation of messages from people who are important to the bridal couple. It may also include messages from family and friends who live overseas and
are unable to come to the wedding.

The responsibility of the video should fall on someone who is part of the bridal party of another close friend. Have a word with them months in advance asking them if they would be willing to help putting together such a video. They would need basic video editing skills and a camera.