Bridal Shower Ideas: Bridal Bouquet Party

Bridal parties “bridal showers” are typically hosted or thrown by the maid of honour. There are various things to consider when planning a bridal shower. The host usually does the arrangement for the venue, catering and drinks, bouquet, gifts, games, and everything that is centered on the bride. The main role which a maid of honour plays includes picking up the tab for such an event and sometimes enlisting the help of the bridesmaids in the planning process up to the actual day of the bridal party. The very thing thing that the maid of honour and bridesmaid’s need to decide on, is what will the theme of the bridal shower be.

One possible theme, for the craft lovers, is to hold a bridal ‘bouquet’ shower. Guests along with the bride create bouquets, which could either be a take-home ‘souvenir’ for the guests, or could be incorporated into the wedding venue decor.

Bridal bouquets parties are attractive and create more excitement to the event especially when the party is held weeks before the upcoming wedding. Here are a few ideas for the bridal shower bouquet party which you might want to consider or for the kind of setting you are trying to organize.

• Consider the theme. Are you arranging for a casual and fun bridal party or a game-time which will reveal more about the bride? As well, you can choose the colors of the wedding motif as the same colors for bouquet ideas.

• Accessorize. There are many accessories which can be added to the bridal party bouquet such as ribbons, bows, tassels, beads, green foliage, sparkly materials, and baskets among many others. You can work with your florist as to the kind of accessories which should go well with your bouquet.

• Bride’s personal favorites. If you are planning a surprise bridal party, ask ideas from the bride’s mother or sister. Discover her favorite flowers from her childhood along with the ones that she might not appreciate. It is more touching to know that you have actually done more research about her preferences. Try to know whether the bride is allergic to some types of flowers or foliage which you must avoid at all cost.
Cost of bouquet. Since most of the people that would attend the bridal party are composed of the women closest to the bride, the host may request them whether they want to chip in for the cost of the bouquet or volunteer to arrange flowers for the venue and the guests on the list.
Creative designs. Some bridal party bouquet ideas follow certain types of designs such as a bouquet shaped into a fan or other fancy objects. You can be as creative as you want.

Bouquets for your wedding are one of the most imperative components in your most awaited day. Just similar to a fragile clutch or a unique and expensive pair of shoes, the correct flower arrangement and proper blooms should flatter the whole bridal concept, your fashion character as well as your beloved.

Making Your Wedding The Most Memorable With Brilliant Bridal Bouquet Ideas


Weddings are a time for celebration. Not only is a wedding a gathering for the closest family and friends of the bride and groom to be, but is is also a milestone in the relationship of the couple. Being in the wedding party in itself, usually calls for a number of various obligatory pre-wedding celebration events, too. Parties are held separately for the groom and the bride, arranged by their best man and maid of honour. As for the big day itself, everything in it is typically organized by a wedding coordinator or organiser which considers every single detail from the food and drinks, music to be played, lighting, decorations, accessories, seating arrangement as well as the bridal bouquet ideas.

The bride, along with her maid of honor and sometimes bridesmaids, usually conceptualize her bridal bouquet. For the most part, the bridal bouquet is the core accessory of the bride during her wedding day. Traditionally, bouquets symbolize a bride’s purity and honor as a woman. In modern times, the bridal bouquet is essential and never left out in the whole outfit of the bride. Sometimes, it simply reflects the personality of the bride.

If you are the bride to be, here are some brilliant ideas on the list which you might want to consider.

  •   Decide whether you want an all-white bouquet or a cornucopia of different flowers accented by green foliage. How do you imagine the bouquet when you eventually walk down the aisle?
  • What is your type of bridal bouquet arrangement? Do you want a long-stemmed or a cascading bouquet? Do you want it wrapped inside a material? Do you want fresh flowers or a bouquet that can be kept as a souvenir?
  •   Determine the budget you have intended for the bridal bouquet.
  • What are your personal preferences for flowers? Examples are: calla lilies, roses, wildflower, etc.
  • What colours of flowers did you want for the bouquet?
  •   Bridal bouquets can have accessories that go with it. Florists for wedding bouquets may add optional materials such as elegant silk or shiny fabrics, faux pearl beads, sheath materials, or a basket among many others.
  • What are your ideas for the bouquet for the bridal entourage? You can choose whether you want a corsage, boutonniere, toss, basket, or cascade.

In the end, you should have fun while planning and choosing the bridal bouquet ideas for your wedding. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be the most memorable for you.

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Bouquets

Planning a wedding can be an expensive task, yet with a little thought and planning you can achieve your dream wedding on a budget. One area of wedding planning in which you can save money with a little planning is your wedding bouquets.

You can have a beautiful wedding bouquet without spending a small fortune by considering the following tips.

Reduce the Size of Your Wedding Bouquet

1. One way to still have the flowers of your choice without spending a small fortune is to cut down the size of your bouquet. A small bouquet can still be as stunning and is often more effective that a larger bouquet.

2. Reduce the Size of Your Bridesmaids Bouquet

Another option is to leave the bridal bouquet in its original size and reduce the size of the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Aesthetically, this can be a great look.

3. Ditch the Wedding Bouquet – The Single Rose 

Alternatively, you could ditch the bridesmaid’s bouquets completely, and have them each carry a beautiful single red rose down the aisle.

Reuse Wedding Church Flowers

Are you decorating the church with you own wedding flowers. See if you can then transfer these flowers to the wedding reception, to save the cost of buying flowers at both venues. Don’t take the existing church flowers, only the ones that you brought in specifically for the service.

Wedding Flowers

If you felt like being frugal, you could very well find some nice flowers from the supermarket for your wedding. Go and check out what type of flowers they have and see if you can put in an order so that the ones that you want will be available for you when you are ready to pick them up.

If you didn’t want to use them as your  bridal flowers, they could be the flowers used for table décor. Ask for a bulk discount if you buy several.