Elegant favors: Get a wow from your guest

Wedding favours  – Bonbonniere are usually given at the end of any wedding reception to applaud the attendance of the guest present in the party. While selecting any gift, you can showcase your guests with a feeling of being considerate to them with these elegant favors. You are often remembered for the elegant favor you gifted your guest at your wedding. However, despite all the importance it has in any wedding reception, it is considered to be the most neglected one to be seen in any wedding. If you have a wedding at your place and if you are perplexed about what favor should you consider, this article would be of a great help. Try these elegant options.
Stemless personalized 9-oz wine glasses: You will be certainly blown off having a drink in these stemless glasses. These can be personalized with your chosen design, wherein you can put your name and wedding date with eight different rich colors. Therefore, what you get is a different elegant favor wherein you can have your favorite beverage for the guests to enjoy.

Lucky Elephant tea-light holder:

You can gift your guest with Indian style wedding favor. The elephant with raised trunks are believed to bring a nice future. Your guests accepting them would certainly enjoy this token of love and appreciation from you. And get them away with a hope for a good fortune to have at their place.

Glass photo frame/place card holder coasters:

Known for being rich in aesthetics. Truly an elegant piece in white and black color, the photo frame cum place holder coaster appears an excellent piece for your table. Your guest would be indebted to have such a wonderful favor having rich beauty and a practical choice.

Champagne bucket timer:

This can be called an elegant favor where elegance and intelligence culminates. It makes you’re your table rich with its silver toned beauty found over the reception table. Evident with a silver finish, this little glassy miniature steals the show when discovered at any table.
Tea-light holder: Indeed a most gorgeous favor to give away your guests. These cups embarks with attached saucer and the teacup, is the right size to carry a single tea light. Certainly, this piece can be called as mind blowing choice to make.

Final words: Giving away these small and elegant favors are called as token of gratitude and love which you showcase to your guest when they make their presence at your wedding reception. If money is not a problem, you can have whole lot of wedding favors; however, with limited budget too you can embark with inexpensive gifts for your guests. You cannot slash down your budget when you are going having your wedding gown or any other important element of wedding. However, wedding favors are the ones where you adopt the policy of frugality. At this point of time, the above enlisted wedding favors discussed are not only elegant but affordable too. Hope you find them useful, especially when you have your wedding in the coming future.
Do-It-Yourself: Wedding Favours (Bonbonniere)
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Wedding bonbonnieres a classic wedding favour.

Wedding Bonbonnieres are small gifts that are given out to each guest. The cost associated with this can be expensive, which is why many couples opt to make their own. Depending on the number of guests attending your wedding, this can be very time consuming, which is why you might like to consider holding a ‘bonbonniere working bee’ with your bridal party.

One of the simplest (and more budget friendly) bonbonnieres is to put some confectionery like sugar coated almonds inside an organza bag. You can opt for traditional white sugar coated almonds in a white organza bag or go for something a little more brighter, with coloured candy almonds in bright coloured organza bags.
Organza bags can be bought quite cheaply from craft stores. Inquire with the manager to see if you can get a discount price for buying the bags in bulk.

Place card holders can go beyond just telling your guests where to sit. Make your place card holders more memorable by turning them into wedding favours. One great way of doing this, is to slip the sheet of cardboard with your guest’s name into a picture frame that doubles as a wedding favour. Your guests will love this and you will save money and time.

This is one question that does stump a lot of people. The answer is no. Wedding favours are not an obligatory part of a wedding; it is simply a token of appreciation extended by the wedding couple to thank their guests.

The main reason why guests do not give out wedding favours is for financial reasons. You could easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on wedding favours. However, there are several ways to minimise the cost of wedding favours.

The last three weddings that I have been a guest at did not have any actual wedding favours given to their guests, instead each guest was given a slice of cake in a decorative bag or box and no guests seemed to mind. The bags were around .40-.30c from a bulk warehouse outlet so did not cost the couple very much. This of course is a cost effective compromise of still giving guests a wedding favour substitute without spending that much extra.

Another way to reduce the cost of wedding favors is to not give every single guest one. It is quite acceptable to only hand out one wedding favour per family and couple and this tactic can save you a significant amount on wedding favours.

If possible, you should leave the purchasing of wedding favours till further on in your wedding planning. That way you will have a clearer idea of how much money you have left in your budget to allocate to the favours.
One way to save money on wedding favours is to limit one wedding favour per family and couple. This eliminates the need to give each and every guest a wedding favour, which can be costly. As a bonus, you will find that by limiting the wedding favours, you will have more funds to spend on higher quality wedding favours.
Here at Daily Wedding Blog we are always for promoting ideas that can save you money when planning your wedding. We have previously touched upon the benefits of having a dual purpose table centerpiece and today we bring you another idea to add to the growing collection!

Most weddings will include desert as well as table centerpieces, so why not combine these two together? Rather than having the one big wedding cake, each table can have a smaller cake, or even cupcakes presented on a cupcake stand. As an added bonus you are also saving time with one less task to take care of.
This idea can also be adapted to make this table centerpiece act as wedding favours as well. The slices of cake can be presented in decorative cake packets with a personalised gift tag for each guest.

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