Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas # 2 Potted Flowers.

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The second installment for Daily Wedding Blog’s Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas series is potted flowers. Potted flowers are simple wedding centerpieces that you can then take home and put into your garden after the reception. You could opt for a single colour for the potted flowers, it could be the same colour as your bouquet or the bridesmaid’s flowers, or each table could have their own colour.


It is quite inexpensive to buy small terracotta pots with flowers from the garden store, but if you want to be super frugal, you could buy the terracotta pots separately. You will also need to buy trays of flowers that you can replant into the individual pots.

Using your home computer or coloured cardboard and markers, create table labels. This can be affixed to icy pole sticks with a glue and placed into the pots.