Reuse Wedding Church Flowers

Are you decorating the church with you own wedding flowers. See if you can then transfer these flowers to the wedding reception, to save the cost of buying flowers at both venues. Don’t take the existing church flowers, only the ones that you brought in specifically for the service.

 Wedding Venue Idea #5 The Beach House

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Are you planning on having your ceremony at the beach? If so, why not consider hiring out a beach house for the weekend. That way you can have the ceremony on the beach and the reception can be held a short distance away at the beach house.

There are many positives about this set-up. Firstly, the bride and her bridal party can spend the night at the beach house and have all the gowns and accessories ready for them the next morning. This eliminates the need for official wedding transport for the bridal party.

In the days leading to the wedding, (depending on your hire term) you can set up the reception, so that everything will be ready on the day of the wedding. As you will have the house exclusively for your own use during the hire term, you will have enough time to try out different reception set-ups until you find one that you like.

If there are a few days delay before you and your partner leave for your honeymoon, the beach house can also double as accommodation for you to stay in for your pre-honeymoon.

One of the other benefits of hiring out a beach house, is that if it rains, you have a back-up venue to hold the wedding ceremony.

There are some things that you do need to consider if you go down this road
-When choosing a beach house as a venue, you need to consider that the rental prices will be higher during the summer season and much more competitively priced throughout the rest of the year.

– Before signing any contracts make sure that you are aware of any additional fees, such as the insurance excess if damage is done to the property.

-Most short-term rental properties come fully furnished. If you are a little worried that guests might damage some expensive items put them away in a storage room.

-Take a photo of the way each room looks before moving any furniture so that you can leave the house exactly the way it was upon your departure.

-Delegate different rooms for different purposes such as the bridal party dress room. It is best to confine the guest area to the one entertainment area. This may mean that you need to block off or lock doors to other rooms.

-Make guest facilities such as the bathroom easily identifiable with signs.

As your wedding day draws to an end, the last thing that you would want to do is clean up the reception and pack everything up. Ask your maid of honour if she will organise a working bee amongst your bridal party, groomsmen and friends to pack everything up and take it out of the beach house. Alternatively, you could ask your friends to do this once you and your partner have left for your honeymoon. That way you can leave for your honeymoon all refreshed and stress-free and thankful for having such great family and friends.

If you are having a church wedding, you might be lucky enough to be able to utilise the church’s choir.   Attend a choir practice with your partner to see if you like how they sound, as not all church choirs are the same quality.

If you like what you hear, inquire if their church choir is available to provide their services for wedding ceremonies, as many churches may already offer you the services of their in-house choir as part of their wedding package.

If you do opt for a church choir, give them plenty of notice in case they need to learn new songs as not all choirs will learn new songs, especially on short notice.  They may already know a selection of suitable songs, but may need preparation for any additional tunes that you and your partner request.