An Ice-Cream Bar Instead of a Wedding Cake

 Don’t feel obliged to have the traditional wedding cake for your wedding, it’s your wedding and you can jazz things up if you like. An alternative idea to the traditional wedding cake for desert is to have an ice-cream bar at the reception. You can have as little or as many ice-cream flavours as you like and offer a variety of toppings such as cherries, sprinkles, smarties and chocolate chip

If you still want the traditional wedding photos with a wedding cake, you can get a small cake just for this purpose or you could get a wedding mock cake just for photos.
ice cream wedding cake

Daily Wedding Blog: Cupcake Wedding Cake

There has been an increasing trend to ditch the wedding cake and offer wedding cup cakes! So instead of cutting each guest a slice of wedding cake, the guests get their own cup cake. This method will save you a significant amount of money without compromising the look. You still arrange the cupcakes tiered (you will need a cake stand) so it looks like a traditional cake.

If you feel that you still would like to participate in the symbolic cake cutting, you can do buy a cake stand, that allows for a small cake to be placed on top. This cake can be shared by the bridal party, or just the bride and groom.

The great thing about this type of cake if you decide to make it yourself, is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to make practice cupcakes.

Things to consider:

Sketch a design of the cupcakes before you begin. Will each layer have exactly the same designed cupcakes or will each layer be different?
You can bake the cupcakes up two days before serving, but you cannot frost them. Store the cupcakes in a container in a cool dry place.

Frosted wedding cake + just add flowers

One way of achieving a stunning looking cake for a cheaper price is to order a basic frosted cake and then garnish it with fresh flowers. This can look especially stunning when the colours of the flowers are the same or closely resemble those used in the bride’s bouquet.Wedding Cake with frosted icing

Wedding Cakes

  just love the wedding cake that Marcia Cross had at her wedding to Tom Mahoney. The wedding was in 2009, yet the cake still inspires me each time I look at it. It doesn’t really look like anything that you would want to eat, but it is such a beautiful work of art that would be a striking inclusion at any wedding.

Have Two Wedding Cakes

 Two wedding cakes can actually save you money.  One popular method of keeping the cost of the wedding cake down is to have one small cake for show and to be given to the bride, groom and bridal party and a regular wedding sheet cake for the guests. This won’t faze guests as they will understand that one wedding cake may not be enough to distribute to all the guests

Save Money on the Wedding Cake

White Wedding cake at the wedding reception with white rosesWhen choosing wedding cakes, try not to opt for the extras such as the fancy pillars to sit the different cake layers onto, as this just pushes the price up. Layer the cakes on top of each other. The cake may lose a little height, but your wallet won’t mind.

If you are still keen on having the different layers of the wedding cake sit on the different pillars, don’t buy one, rent one. Ask around former brides and grooms to see if they still have theirs and won’t mind loaning it to you. If you have no luck, ask the wedding cake baker if they can hire one out to you.

Dual Purpose Wedding Cake

 Here at Daily Wedding Blog we are always for promoting ideas that can save you money when planning your wedding. We have previously touched upon the benefits of having a dual purpose table centerpiece and today we bring you another idea to add to the growing collection!

Cupcakes for wedding cakeMost weddings will include desert as well as table centerpieces, so why not combine these two together? Rather than having the one big wedding cake, each table can have a smaller cake, or even cupcakes presented on a cupcake stand. As an added bonus you are also saving time with one less task to take care of.

This idea can also be adapted to make this table centerpiece act as wedding favours as well. The slices of cake can be presented in decorative cake packets with a personalised gift tag for each guest. Enjoying and eating the cupcakes instead of pieces of individual wedding cake is also a lot easier and not so messy!!

Replica cake toppers

Wedding Cake ToppersFor a unique cake topper, you could order a personalised topper in the form of a replica of the bride and groom. Understandably they are a little pricier than regular cake toppers as a lot more work goes into them. There are many stores on the web that can do this. Below is an example of one of them.

My Face Figurines

Here at Daily Wedding Blog we love unique wedding cake toppers that capture the essence of the bride and groom. Below are some pictures to inspire you. (All images from Cake Topper for a wedding cake with the bride lassoing the groom and towing him along.

Barefoot Bride Cake Topper

 Wedding Cake topper with the bride and groom riding a harley davidson