When sourcing reception venues, don’t forget to consider any existing memberships that you and your partner hold as this could amount to great discounts. The first thing to do is to think of any direct memberships that you hold such as to golf or sporting clubs as often these types of establishments usually offer their function room and catering services at a discounted rate for their members. Secondly, you need to find out what third-party discounts you are entitled to. Generally, memberships to most organisations not only give you direct benefits and discounts, but they also throw in discounts to organisations that they are affiliated with.

If you hold a membership to a road care organisation you may find out that you have discounts to accommodation around Australia that would be perfect for a honeymoon and discounts to car hire that could be very convenient when selecting your wedding transport.

So before you begin your wedding planning, grab your partner and a sheet of paper and have a good look at all your current discounts available to you. Write down any that may come in handy. Don’t forget to take note of the terms and condition and the expiry date. Some suggested places to look are
-Road/driving clubs
-Existing credit cards usually offer benefits
-Private health organisations usually offer member some discounts to affiliated business
-Union’s are great for offering members great discounts.
By compiling a list of potential vendors and their associated discounts, it will help you get a more concise shortlist of businesses who are going to help you plan your wedding.