Wedding Venue Idea #1 The Penthouse

  • Wedding Venue Idea #1 The Penthouse
  • Wedding Venue Ideas #2 University Grounds
  • Wedding Venue Idea #3 The Community Centre
  • Wedding Venue Idea #4: A family member’s home
  • Wedding Venue Idea #5 The Beach House
  • Wedding Venue Idea #6 The Botanical Gardens

When planning a wedding, don’t feel pressured to stick to the usual wedding reception venue locations, such as function rooms and halls. Brainstorm outside the box for wedding venue ideas to see what you come up with.Wedding Ceremony Ideas and Wedding Receptions

Part 1 of our wedding venue idea series brings you the idea of holding your wedding in a penthouse with ocean or city views! This idea only woWedding Ceremony Ideas and Wedding Receptionsrks if you will be having a small wedding with close family and friends.  Being an intimate wedding, it needn’t be a full blown reception. It can be an elegant dinner or cocktail party with close family and friends to celebrate. Once the reception is over, the penthouse can double as your honeymoon suite for the night.
Bear in mind that some hotels have strict “no party” policies, so it might be an idea to talk to the manager to clarify the situation early on.

Things To Consider

•    Book early to secure the views that you want.  Ocean or city views usually cost a little extra, so factor this in to your costs.
•    The hotel will likely only have limited visitor parking, so it would be considerate for your guests if you found out where the most suitable parking for them would be and relay this information to your family and friends.