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What is Daily Wedding Blog? 

Do you take suggestions?

Do you accept guest posts? 

I posted a comment, where is it?

Can I advertise on Daily Wedding Blog?

Do you accept link exchange requests?

Beautiful Redhead bride with a bouquet of flowers.
1. Daily Wedding Blog is a comprehensive blog for anyone who loves weddings or is in the process of planning a wedding. Our articles are comprehensive and varied and upon writing this we have nearly 300 wedding planning articles!

2. Absolutely! If you have an idea for a post please let us know by sending us an email at Suggestions@dailyweddingblog.com.au

3. Yes we do accept guest posts. Read more here

4. We have a spam filter on our site that blocks comments that are deemed to be spam. Unfortunately sometimes this means that legitimate comments don’t make it through.

5. We currently have no adverting programs in place for third party sites. However this is likely to change in the future. You can send us an email to advertising@dailyweddingblog.com.au to be informed when Daily Wedding Blog is open to advertisers. However, please note that we do NOT participate in text link exchanges.

6. Daily Wedding Blog does not participate in any link exchange and have no future plans to. We get hundreds of these “copy and paste” link requests each month and we are yet to see one link exchange request that has any relevancy to the wedding industry.

Due to the large amount of these types of emails to hit our inbox, we have decided that we no longer have the time (or patience) to politely decline each email and therefore simple hit delete. At this stage, the only way to have your link featured on our website is by becoming a guest blogger.