Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Cake

Triple Tier Wedding Cake

Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Cake

Don’t feel obliged to stick to the traditional tiered wedding cake. There are many different options these days when it comes to wedding cakes, and they are quite likely to be cheaper options than the traditional tiered cake. Browse magazines, ask friends, visit cake shops and see what’s available to you.

Here are some ideas we have put together to get you started.

– One of the new trends emerging is the tiered wedding cupcake where the cupcakes replace the traditional wedding sliced cake. It’s cheaper and aesthetically pleasing. You can buy stands cheaply from most department stores or alternatively you could hire one.

– Order a plain wedding cake and decorate it yourself. Search the internet, wedding magazines and visit bakers for inspiration.

– Hire an apprentice chef to bake your wedding cake. Be sure to check out a folio and sample their work first.