Ask Around for Great Wedding Savings

Often, you can find out about great wedding vendors from other wedding vendors, in non-competing specialities of course. For example, wedding photographers and videographers would take many photos and videos of wedding cakes, so they may be able to let you know about some great bakers. A recent wedding that a videographer worked  at, might have had a great emerging band that is looking for work, but are cheaply priced.
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Freecycle Your Wedding
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Freecycle is a fantastic concept where people give away unwanted goods instead of tossing them out. The goal is to reduce landfill and most items on offer are in good condition.

You have the option of putting in a ‘wanted’ ad, so you could ask for things that are suitable for weddings.

There are thousands of freecycles groups around the globe and probably one in your town too! Well worth a look into.

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